Hourly-paid staff make a huge contribution to the education
sector and many institutions could not function without them.
Despite this, these staff are undervalued by their employers
– the vast majority are low paid and have no job security or
career progression.

Unfortunately this is the experience of many hourly paid staff at Bradford College.

This link will take you to UCU’s comprehensive and very useful guide for hourly paid staff. The guide covers, amongst other things, your contract, pay, job security, health and safety, pensions, and how you can get involved in your branch and UCU.

You may not be aware that Bradford College agreed after many years that if you are hourly paid and are requested by your manager to attend TAP day you will be paid at you “normal rate of pay” for those hours you are requested to attend. This clearly does not go far enough and leaves many hourly paid staff isolated from their teams who are meeting on TAP day, but this is a considerable step forward.


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