Contract Ballot Result

Dear Bradford College UCU member,

Following the e-ballot last week conducted by ACAS, these are the results:

Yes – to accept the new contract 180

No  – to reject  153

Total  = 333 votes out of a total of 462 offered the chance to vote

This equates to a 72% turnout of members voting.

This decision to accept comes after nearly two years. Two years of branch members standing together and voting overwhelmingly to defend our contract, at 8 branch meetings, and voting on two occasions to prepare to ballot for industrial action; the previous e-ballot delivered a vote of 91% to reject the then offer. The strength of this feeling from a united branch has enabled the negotiating team to achieve this present contract offer, the best that could be achieved through negotiation alone.

To ensure that the implementation of this contract does not lead to a further detriment to our terms and conditions and a worsening of quality of our provision will require us all to maintain the strength and unity we have demonstrated over the past two years.

UCU negotiators will continue to work with members and management to develop new timetables, workload allocations and to finalise the wording of the new contract. We will forward members advice and guidance on the workload agreement in the near future.

UCU believes that the issues of the guidelines related to the Workload Agreement and the threat of redundancies will be major tests.

Thank you for your support throughout.

Negotiating team

Julie Kelley, Chris Webb, Debbie, Rolls, Marie Pacchiarini, Geraint Evans


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