Clear and Overwhelming Vote NO

Thank you to everyone who attended the contract meetings and voted in the e-indicative ballot.

The ballot closed on Wednesday 24th April and the result was as follows:

 The question was:

 Are you prepared to accept the proposed new contract and collective agreement?

 Turnout: 63.4%

 Yes: 28 (9.7%)

 No: 261 (90.3%)

 Did not respond: 6

 This is a very good turnout and overwhelming majority result. So congratulations to everyone who voted NO.

You might be interested in knowing that in comparison the turn out for UK General Elections has been as in the table below.

General election turnout since 1945, by region
Year UK England Wales Scotland N.Ireland
2010 65.1 65.5 64.7 63.8 57.6
2005 61.4 61.3 62.6 60.8 62.9
2001 59.4 59.2 61.6 58.2 68



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