Y&H TUC Women’s Forum Meeting- Leeds, 30 April 2013.

Yorkshire & the Humber TUC:  

The Regional TUC Women’s Forum is open to all women trade unionists in the Region, to be held on  30 April 2013.

At Yorkshire and the Humber TUC and unionlearn Regional Office, 33 Park Place, Leeds, LS12RY

This will only take about 5 minutes walk from the station.  Any problems, contact the Office on 0113 242 9696.

 Women’s Forum Meeting


 1.     Apologies

 2.     Introductions, welcome and announcements

 3.    Setting our Workplan for 2013/14

4.     Individual Trade Union Updates

5.    Action points from:

5.1    International Women’s Event

5.2    Domestic Violence Event

5.3    Safeguarding Social Media Event

6.    Report from Yorkshire & the Humber TUC AGM

7.    Future Events/Meetings

7.1    International Women’s Event 2014

8.    Any other business

 9.    Future Meeting Dates:

16 July 2013 – Sheffield

 1 October 2013 – Leeds

14 January 2014 – Leeds

6 March 2014 – International Women’s Day


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