Messages of support for our struggle over the proposed new contract from around the country

Messages of support for our struggle over the proposed new contract from around the country

Subject: solidarity

Good luck with your struggle Geraint and colleagues.

Dr Chris Wharton
Northumbria UCU

Subject: RE: [activists] Bradford College contract dispute

Work faster, work cheaper – work worse. That’s the only language college

and university bosses seem to know nowadays.

Any concern for the quality of our teaching, the quality of our lives or
the quality of the education our students receive is vanishing.

It is important that you win this fight, for your own sakes but also for
the sakes of the rest of us.

We support you in your fight.

Mike Cushman
LSE UCU Secretary
020 7955 7426

Subject: Solidarity from Merseyside

Hello Geraint,

Can I send best wishes from Hugh Baird College Branch here in Bootle.  United we stand!

Ken Dunlop and Mark Davies
UCU Branch Secretary and Branch Chair

  • Dear Geraint,

I heard of the attacks on your T&Cs from Laura Miles on the activist list and wanted to offer moral support. It is important for the sector as a whole that you win this campaign.

Best wishes,


VP, University of Hull UCU.

Subject: Solidarity!On behalf of the West Midlands Region can I offer you our support in your dispute. We are looking on at what is happening at your college and it is clear if they succeed with attacking your working conditions that represents a real  threat to the whole FE sector.  Yours in solidarity Brian O’SullivanChair of West Midlands Region

  • Good luck with your campaign.  It sounds like you won a good contract through willingness to take action and that it is important you keep it to set standards for other colleges.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you.

Marion Hersh
University of Glasgow

From the Branch Executive Committee at Leeds City College Good Luck to all our comrades at Bradford College in your fight.
Chris Maguire Branch Secretary Leeds City College

Dear Geraint
and All Bradford UCU Members,
On behalf of Doncaster College branch I send you fraternal greetings and solidarity in your struggle.
It is madness for an employer to destroy trust and cooperation in the workplace by attacking hard won terms and conditions.

Rodney Challis. BA., Cert.Ed.
Lecturer and Branch Secretary,
Doncaster Branch University and College Union (UCU)


Dear Geraint

Sheffield UCU would like to send the following message of support:

The University of Sheffield Branch of UCU would like to offer support and solidarity with our colleagues at Bradford College.  The threats to your conditions of employment, the impact on jobs, workloads and stress is of concern and affect the whole sector.  We support you in your campaign.
SUCU Committee

Best wishes,



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