AGM and branch meeting, members pack hall to hear Regional Official Julie Kelley

A packed meeting hall (180) heard a report back on the latest situation on the proposed new contract from Regional Official, Julie Kelley. After discussion, the following motion was passed unanimously.

Motion on Contract Negotiations

Bradford Branch notes:

  • That the UCU branch has been in negotiations with management over a new contract for over 18 months
  • In college-wide consultative meetings, members have voiced opposition to the proposed new contract
  • That of particular concern are:
    • The loss of two weeks holiday to be replaced by 70 hours IPD (Individual Personal Development)
    • The expectation that some staff will teach up to 26 hours a week
    • The lack of guarantees in the workload agreement
    • The current budgetary restraints and the cut in CPD funding in the college
    • The decision not to increase staff pay this academic year

Bradford Branch believes:

  • That a reduction in holidays will lead to stress among staff, will have financial implications for some staff through child care costs and will not provide financial benefit to the college.
  • That as professionals we already undertake personal study to ensure that our practice is current and effective
  • That effective professional development requires funding and cannot be done on the cheap by the removal of holiday time
  • That an increase in teaching hours and a reduction in holidays will lead to stress amongst staff and a poorer educational experience for students
  • That staff undertake a variety of important roles such as course management and internal verifying that are not currently allocated sufficient time and that there are no guarantees that this situation will change under the new workload agreement
  • That the individual nature of posts need to be considered including the need to travel between sites and to placements and we need further assurances that these factors will influence the number of assigned contact hours
  • That the acceptance of the current offer will lead to job losses

Bradford Branch resolves:

  • To continue to actively campaign against changes to our contract, ensuring governors, students, elected representatives and the public are aware of our sound educational reasons for resisting proposed changes
  • To continue to prepare to ballot for industrial action so that we are ‘ballot ready’ should college management persist with plans to extend weekly contact up to 26 hours and remove holidays
  • To organise an indicative E ballot to show management the level of opposition to the contract on offer and the willingness of members to ballot for strike action.

On behalf of Bradford College Branch Committee

members pack hall

Members pack the hall

Julie Kelley Regional Official


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