Holocaust Memorial Day stalls

Dear Members,

27th of January is Holocaust Memorial Day. This year I am going to organise UCU stalls to give out information. If you come along you can get a UCU Holocaust Memorial wall chart which looks at the history of Fascism in Europe and the UK; I have limited numbers of these. Please come along and add your name to the NEVER AGAIN poster to remember those who were murdered by fascist and oppressive regimes from the 1915 Armenian Genocide to the WW2 Nazis in Germany to the 1994 Bosnian Genocide and many more around the world.

The stalls will be on

Monday (28th)12.30-13.00: McMillan

Tuesday (29th)9.00- 9.30: Appleton

Tuesday (29th) 12.15-12.45: Westbrook

Wednesday (30th) 12.15-12.45:Old Building

Wednesday (30th) 13.00- 13.30: Trinity Green

Debbi Rolls (ULR) and I are planning to host a screening of a new UCU educational DVD on the Holocaust for staff and students. More information about this will be circulated soon.  If you can help out with the stalls please let me know.


Umit Yildiz




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