UCU Women’s Conference Report from Tracey Howton

UCU Women’s Conference Report

I was nominated by the branch to attend the UCU National Women Member’s Conference on 9th November.  It was the first time I have attended a national UCU event and first time at our national headquarters.

There were about 70 women there and the theme of the conference was ‘Getting our activism together’.

For me the most interesting part of the day was the two keynote speakers: Cath  Elliot, Guardian columnist and Unison member who spoke about how, for her, trade unionism was inextricably linked to feminism; and then Clara Osagiede from the RMT, who talked about how she is organising cleaning staff on London Underground, despite being told by most officials of her union that they were impossible to organise.

We passed motions calling on UCU to do more to both recruit and support women members and provide activists with better materials for recruitment and more information particularly about how the cuts in education are effecting women in particular.

Unfortunately I didn’t get elected to the Standing Committee, although I hope you may support me in standing again next year. 

I’d like to thank the branch for enabling me to attend an enjoyable and informative day.  It was a great opportunity to meet fellow UCU members and a timely reminder that women’s equality still has some way to go, even in the trade union movement.



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