Statement presented to governors arriving for the Policy and Resources Committee today

Respect our Contract

Bradford College UCU wishes to express concern to corporation members over the continued attempt to change our contract.

UCU members have not been given a justification for the proposed changes for financial or educational reasons. We are particularly concerned at the proposed changes to hours and holidays. We believe that an increase in teaching hours and a decrease in holidays will be detrimental to our members and Bradford College as a whole.

Corporation members need to be aware that a change to our contract involving an increase in hours and a reduction of holiday will lead to:

  • A lowering of morale amongst staff
  • A rise in stress and sickness
  • A loss of productivity as staff will not be willing to undertake extra duties on a good will basis
  • A lack of time for activities that enrich the student experience including pastoral care  and enrichment visits and activities
  • A lack of time for recruitment, marketing and course development  leading to reduced student numbers
  • Less time for scholarly activity reducing our chances of achieving TDAP
  • A possible loss of staff to the school sector
  • Difficulties in recruiting staff especially where these are drawn from the school sector

College staff are working exceptionally hard to ensure that Bradford College delivers a quality educational experience. At the same time we are managing a variety of changes. The move to the new building, changes to the curriculum and the move to Teeside University are presenting us with additional challenges. If these changes are to be executed successfully staff need to be supported.

Please ensure that Bradford College continues to thrive by respecting our contract.


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