Our rights at work are not for sale.

Please see the message below from John Giddins Regional Branch Development Officer. There is a link to follow and a petition to sign to defend our rights at work.

Please sign a letter to David Cameron and George Osborne, telling them that The Government are putting forward one of the most offensive, made-up-on-the-back-of-an-envelope attacks on our rights at work that you can imagine. The Growth and Infrastructure Bill will literally put our rights at work up for sale.

The ‘shares for rights’ plan will allow small and medium-sized businesses to ask new employees to give up some of their key rights at work, in exchange for shares in the business.

For as little as £2000 in shares, employees may have to give up the right not to be sacked unfairly, redundancy rights, as well as flexible working and maternity rights.

The Government should be concentrating on fixing our economy, and getting people back into work, not on inventing hare-brained schemes to make it easier to fire people.

That’s why I signed the letter to Cameron & Osborne, and that’s why I hope you will too. It only takes a moment:


Our rights at work are not for sale.


John Giddins


UCU Branch Development Organiser


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