Point 8 and IFL

Point 8

At last week’s Special Interest Group (SIG) , this is where UCU negotiators meet with senior management, the two negotiators present complained of the college’s lack of progress in making payments. It was agreed that any appeals would be heard in September. Contact Debbie Rolls ULR or Geraint Evans Vice Chair for advice.


A number of members have been asking about where they stand with IFL. The advice given by Barry Lovejoy (UCU Head of FE) at this year’s Congress was that no UCU member need be a member of IFL. In addition it should be possible to claim back any membership payment  for 2011/12.


4 thoughts on “Point 8 and IFL

  1. Regarding the 0.8 . The immediate issue (rather than the PRP one) remains that no ‘applicant’ has been informed one way or the other after some 5 weeks of ‘deliberation’.

    The September appeal deadline for appeals, which no doubt will require some access to college in order to complete, once again exemplifies how directorate feel total disregard for college staff’s entitlement for ‘ time way from work’.

    • Hi Ray
      I agree this is not on. I have today written to senior management asking that a letter be sent out to applicants informing them of what is happening.

      September, sorry there is not a deadline for September rather we requested that appeals be in September and not in August, or a letter going out in the holiday and applicants then being told ,”shame you missed it.”

  2. Thank you for this information as I did not know any of this. I find the blog is a fantastic way to keep informed of the issues that concern me as an employee at Bradford College.

  3. Pretty typical of college management to drag their feet on anything that might show they care about their staff. They are not so slow in asking you to meet deadlines when it suits them.

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