UCU Members Picket Bradford College Pension Strike May 10th

UCU members at Bradford College took strike action to defend their pensions on the 10th May.  A well-supported strike saw members across the college picketing buildings across the city: Westbrook, Trinity Green, McMillan and Bolton Royd were all picketed. Support for the strike was good and morale on the picket lines high.

retired members join the picket

This government continues to try and take our pensions; our pensions are deferred pay. In FE, as in most of the  public sector, we have always accepted, in general, worse pay than we could expect in the private sector with an understanding that, for doing so, we will receive a decent pension. This is now being taken away from us.  It is being taken to pay for a financial crisis for which none of us are responsible.  It has been demonstrated that there is no problem with the Teachers’ Pension Scheme; it is not in the red nor likely to go into the red. The changes being proposed are a tax on TPS members and each one of us stands to lose thousands of pounds over our working lifetime.

Pickets at Bolton Royd despite the rain

The strike on the 10th and the two previous massive strike actions demonstrate UCU and  members of other unions are willing and able to fight this government’s attempts to steal our pensions.

Refreshments arrive

Pensions for all

Pension rally in Leeds


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